KEILWERTH Toneking - Gold Lacquer (Serial Number: 16559) Back to model

This is a very unique vintage Keilwerth-produced Toneking alto sax, serial number 16559. This alto is one of the most unique early Keilwerth horns, and as such has found quite a market amongst collectors.

This alto is in fantastic original condition. The lacquer is original and shows only minimal wear. While there are a couple minor dimples, such as 2 minor chair pings, there really are no major dents or previous damages, including no resoldered joints. This alto does have rolled tone holes, and some parts are very similar to what you’d see on a vintage Conn, such as the unique table key layout and the microtuner on the neck. All of this is original.

Manufacturer: KEILWERTH
Model: Toneking model
Date Manufactured: 1909 - 1910
Serial: 16559
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