BUFFET S1 Gold Lacquer (Serial Number: 25366) Back to model

This is rare original lacquer vintage Buffet Crampon S1 soprano saxophone, serial number 25366. The S1 soprano is an instrument we almost never see as it is a fairly uncommon find. This soprano features comfortable key work to high F#. It plays with a crisp and exceptionally warm focused core sound.

This S1 shows some history of play but is in excellent physical condition. There is no history of repair any where on the body tube, neck or bell. There has never been any re-solders on the instrument. The saxophone also features all of the original key pearls and the original leather pads with metal resonators with center rivet.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: S Series Models
Date Manufactured: 1976
Serial: 25366
Contributed By: saxquest.com