BUFFET Buffet-Crampon alto (Serial Number: 6389) Back to model

Buffet Crampon alto saxophone #6389, manufactured in Paris in 1885. Buffet was one of the first licensees of Adolphe Sax. This 1885 model has some very interesting features. The keywork only extends down to low B. As a result the bell is short and stubby. This horn predates the automatic octave key. As a result, there are two octave thumb levers. There are no pearls on the stack keys, only metal plateaus. Pinky keys are spoon-like.

The saxophone is in fair condition for a 132 year old horn. The silver plating is tarnished, but intact. The lip of the bell has been bent down slightly, and the neck has been pulled down and bulges slightly. Pads are old, white kid leather balloon type, with a central stitch. Some are missing, others are loose, none are seating. There is no evidence of soldering or dent work being done on this instrument. The wooden Buffet mouthpiece has a deep gouge on the bite plate, and no mouthpiece cover. This saxophone will need restoration, but is completely intact. There are no missing parts.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: Buffet-Crampon Model
Date Manufactured: 1885
Serial: 6389
Contributed By: eBay.com