SELMER Super Action 80 Serie II - Gold Lacquer (Serial Number: 682880) Back to model

This is a beautiful Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII baritone sax with low A, serial #682880. The baritone is in immaculate condition from top to bottom and is a top notch player as well. It has no history of any past repair, there is some light scratching here and there and one very small ding on the outer bell flare. The body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and U tube crook are all in original condition. This saxophone also includes the original neck and box Selmer case, both are also in pristine condition. The Selmer SII baritone is keyed from Low A to High F#.

As a player the SII has an ultra rich sound which is dark and highly flexible. Intonation and control over the entire range of this saxophone is superb.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Action 80 serie II
Date Manufactured: 2007
Serial: 682880
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