SELMER Reference 54 (Serial Number: 653704) Back to model

This is a Selmer Reference 54 alto sax, serial number 653704. This horn was played only as a store demo horn, and is in excellent physical condition.

The only real wear is some light surface scratching on the bottom bow and bell, the kind you only see in the right light. There are no dents or dings, and no resolders. The original neck is perfect. Pads are in excellent condition. The sax has not seen a whole lot of playing time.

These instruments have quickly become a favorite among players. They have a very open and responsive sound, so jazzers love them, and yet they also have a dark rich character in the tone, making classical players flock to them as well. It truly captures the magic of the Mark VI. It comes in a brand new Mt. Vernon case.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Reference
Date Manufactured: 2004-2006
Serial: 653704
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