BUESCHER True Tone - Lacquer (Serial Number: 204551) Back to model

Here is an ultra rare Buescher True Tone tipped bell soprano sax, serial number 204551. This beauty is in pristine condition, from the excellent original lacquer to the brand new pad job. This horn was made in the late 20's and was offered by Buescher at the same time as the straight alto as a new inovation.

These horns are quite a sight. The neck tips towards the player, and at the bottom of the horn the bell tips out slightly, rather than pointing straight down. It’s a rarity that was later imitated but never matched.

The original lacquer stands at around 98%, with nothing more than light speckle wear to be found. There are no dents, no dings, no resoldered joints, and no signs of any past damages or repairs.

This sax was fully overhauled by Saxquest’s Duncan Bamsey in 2006 using top-grade Prestini pads and sterling silver Resotech flat metal resonators. The horn has an extremely fluid feel and seems effortless under the fingers.

This soprano is a beautiful player. It has an extraordinary rich, sweet sound that fully envelops both the player and the listener. Intonation is nearly flawless to compliment this instrument's exquisite voice.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1927 - 1928
Serial: 204551
Contributed By: saxquest.com