BUESCHER True Tone - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 211895) Back to model

This is a beautiful Buescher True Tone alto sax in all original silver matte finish, serial number 211895. This horn received a full Saxquest cleaning and overhaul by Duncan Bamsey in 2005. To go with the good looks, it's got a sound to match!

This vintage Buescher is in incredible physical condition. The original silver finish is over 99% intact, with really no wear of note, even on the touch points. The original "1" neck shows no finish wear as well. The dark rose gold wash inside the bell is stunning. There are no dents or dings, no signs of any past damage or repairs, and no resoldered joints. It is as untouched as you will ever find.

The sax has a powerful presence while maintaining an overall dark sonic character. The horn has a beautiful rich sound, with an enveloping characteristic that really fills the room. It is definitely a sweet sounding instrument full of emotion. This Buescher completely allows the player to truly express one's self.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1926
Serial: 211895
Contributed By: saxquest.com