BUESCHER Aristocrat series III - Lacquer (Serial Number: 340826) Back to model

This is a gorgeous near mint condition, all original Buescher Aristocrat alto saxophone, serial number 340826. This is an awesome top shelf vintage early post-Big-B Buescher whose features include:

  • all original functional brown rollers
  • all original Norton springs
  • railroad track style keyguards

The lacquer is 99% intact with a deep dark gold color. The neck is the original and is in excellent physical condition with some slight spot wear.

All of the pads are original with the original Buescher snap in resonators. Incredibly, the horn is still set up beautifully with a very quiet and fast action. The pads are still soft and able to seal.

The physical condition is excellent. There are NO dents and NO resoldered joints anywhere. There are 2 pencil point dings on the bottom bow. This is the only flaw on this saxophone.

This is a perfect example of a closet horn that has been unplayed for over 40 years!! It is in great shape and has a wonderful, warm sound that is very full and colorful.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Aristocrat series III - "post Big B"
Date Manufactured: 1951
Serial: 340826
Contributed By: saxquest.com