BUESCHER Aristocrat "Big B" - Lacquer (Serial Number: 305859) Back to model

This is a wonderful Buescher Aristocrat tenor sax from the year 1945. It is completely original and just about as close to mint as your going to find for this vintage. The original lacquer on these Bueschers is extremely fragile so to find one in this condition is extremely rare. The horn is absolutely stunning.

The only trace of wear is a few surface marks around the strap hook. The sax still has all of the original pads with Buescher metal snap resonators. It still has all of the original gold plated Norton springs and pearl rollers. Unbelievably, the horn is still playing great on the original pads with the original set up. This is certainly a testiment to the superior hand-craftsmanship of the period.

This sax features the "Big B" engraving and railroad track style keyguards. The original case is in excellent condition.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Aristocrat series II "Big B"
Date Manufactured: 1945
Serial: 305859
Contributed By: saxquest.com