BUESCHER True Tone - Matte Silver Plate (Serial Number: 156941) Back to model

Here we have a 1924 vintage original silver plate Buescher C-soprano saxophone in fabulous condition, serial number 156941. The photos can hardly do this horn justice as it is in amazing physical and cosmetic condition. There are no dents or past repairs. There are absolutely no re-solders on this horn.

In August of 2011 the sax received a full professional regulation in the Saxquest repair shop and was put into perfect playing condition. The pads feature Buescher snap in metal dome resonators. They are sealing up great and all the notes are sounding with ease. The tone is sweet and rich with a rich array of overtones. The intonation is not too bad overall, although, the lower register tends to go a bit sharp. This vintage of c-coprano is only keyed up to high Eb. The silver finish is looking great and it is very fun horn to play. This particular instrument was originally purchased new by the original owner in 1924 as a set along with the Buescher sopranino sax also listed on this website with serial number 153675.

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: True Tone - Buescher Band Instrument Co.
Date Manufactured: 1924
Serial: 156941
Contributed By: saxquest.com