BUESCHER Aristocrat "Big B" - Lacquer (Serial Number: 329559) Back to model

This is a classic 1949 vintage Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” tenor sax, serial number 329559. This tenor is in amazing original condition with all original paperwork.

This tenor still has more than 99% of its original lacquer intact, with only minor surface scratching on the body tube and no major lacquer wear of note, even on the touch points. The sax has no dents or dings, no resoldered joints. It is as pretty as they come. Even the original neck shows no previous work or repair.

The tenor was overhauled using Lucian deluxe leather pads from Kraus Music. This is a nice firm pad that gives a great positive feel and suits this sax perfectly. It retains all of the original snap-in metal domed resonators. The horn also has all of the original amber rollers and the original gold plated Norton springs. The Buescher even still has its original case which is in excellent condition and factory paperwork.

This tenor is a very nice playing horn. It has a very quick response. You notice immediately how quickly this horn warms up to you. It has a strong yet sweet voice, a very full sound. You can do a lot with this tenor too, it seems to be very emotive and accepting to every minute change you make. This tenor is a lot of fun to play!

Manufacturer: BUESCHER
Model: Aristocrat series II "Big B"
Date Manufactured: 1949
Serial: 329559
Contributed By: saxquest.com