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Teacher: Tommy Occhiuto

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<p>Tommy has taught my boys (ages 15 and 11) for the past 4 years.&nbsp; Tommy has a passion for teaching, makes it fun for my kids, at the same time&nbsp;emphasizing the fundamentals of music.&nbsp; My oldest son, who is&nbsp;in the high school jazz ensemble&nbsp;has excelled since being taught by Tommy (we went through 3 teachers before we found Tommy) and my youngest son, a 1st year sax player is just beginning to make strides.&nbsp; I highly recommend Tommy.</p>
02/14/2012 02:56:34 pm

<p>Tommy has been teaching my son for two years.&nbsp; He has an excellent grasp of jazz theory as well as other music genres.&nbsp; His skill as a teacher is fantastic - patient, observant and encouraging.&nbsp; He has tremendous command of his instrument and is keen on making certain that his students have command of theirs.&nbsp; I highly recommend Tommy.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
02/03/2012 03:35:16 pm

<p>Tommy is a great teacher. I play the tenor saxophone,&nbsp;and he is making me a much better musician, and he is also very nice. I am&nbsp;in 8th grade, and because of him, I have been placed in combos with high school seniors in the Stanford Jazz Camp, and&nbsp;I have been awarded many soloist awards at jazz festivals.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
01/30/2012 11:08:59 am

<p>Tommy is a great teacher, he is helpful and understands music and how to teach it. After my first couple months with Tommy I am already so much better, now I can explain to my fellow bandmates how to do things. He is a awesome teacher.</p>
01/30/2012 10:59:17 am