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by BuffetSax
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18 years ago

diminished arpegios

i know this is a dumb question. i really should know about this, but what exactally are the diminished arpegios and could i get an example please. thank you.

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  1. by selmerfan
    (67 posts)

    18 years ago

    Re: diminished arpegios

    They are simply fully diminished chords played as an arpeggio. i.e., Fdim7, F, Ab, Cb, Ebb, to be enharmonically correct, otherwise, if you play F, Ab, B natural, and D natural up to F and continue the cycle, you'll be playing the Fdim7 arpeggio. Now, do it in all 12 keys! (There are 12 keys, but only 3 different finger patterns for diminished scales and arpeggios, figure it out!) selmerfan PS There are only 3 patterns because after you move to the fourth note chromatically from F, you get to Ab, which is part of the F pattern, got it?

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