First, let me say thank you for clicking on this page. The mission of is twofold:

  • to document and preserve the true history of the saxophone as an instrument and those manufactures who played a hand in its development.
  • to create a useful social networking medium for the saxophone player to assist in both promoting oneself as a musician and/or teacher and to assist with equipment needs.

That being said, there are several way to contribute to this site:

  1. If you have any historical documents related to the history of the band and orchestra musical instrument industry, especially that which pertains to the saxophone, please let us know. This includes old catalogs, publications, fliers, pamphlets, product announcements, letters, photos, film footage, or any other media that pertains to the band & orchestra instrument industry. We are happy to scan original material and return the originals back to the rightful owner. We're also interested in purchasing items if you are interested in selling them and we accept donations. Any items purchased or donated will be scanned and presented on this web web and then donated to the Saxquest Saxophone Museum where they will be properly stored and preserved in the museum's archive.
  2. If you or your parents, your grandparents or even a friend used to work for any of the band instrument making companies and you have an oral history to share, please let us know. 
  3. If you have historical recordings that feature the saxophone, please let us know. 
  4. We're also grateful to anyone who wants to contribute monetary donations. If you make a monetary donation, we will acknowledge you as a contributor in the members area, unless you select to donate anonymously. We've tried to make this very easy for you by providing contribute buttons below. You can contribute by credit card or by PayPal.