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by Meli14
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20 years ago

Soprano beginner!

hey all! I've been reading posts here for a while, but I finally joined so now I get to write one. :) My history is primarily with the bari and tenor, but I recently bought a soprano sax and I'm having a blast sqeaking around on that thing! (J/K) I'm going to school at the University of Washington so give me a note if you're from my neck of the woods! I'm looking forward to getting involved with our marching band here but first I gotta get me a tenor! Any suggestions out there (and please remember I'm a COLLEGE student so I'm NOT looking for a Selmer Mark IV..... I'd love the quality but can't sacrifice the cash)....?

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  1. by Meli14
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    20 years ago

    Re: Soprano beginner!

    Sorry....that is.....I'm not looking for a mark VI......

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