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by hselmer9966
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17 years ago

buffet 400 series altos

so last year buffet came out with the 400 series alto, i played one when they first came out and they were good...actually they were really good...selmer good. well this year i went to a band convention and played on another and it was 10x better than the first one i played, the intonation was almost perfect(i might have been adjusting too). i was just wondering if anyone else had played on one and what your thought of them was. and the kicker is, for being a horn that i would put up next to a selmer, they are amazingly cheap. 1650 bucks! let me know.

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  1. by BMBtenor
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    17 years ago

    Re: buffet 400 series altos

    Hey, my family owns 2 of them. I really like them. They play really well, and sound really good. I do look for them to go up in price once the reputation is built up. I have the 38th, and 22nd ones.

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