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15 years ago

Re-regulating or proper regula

I have had a sax repaired by a

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  1. by JBTSAX
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    15 years ago

    Re: Re-regulating or proper regulating a saxaphone

    The best answer is to return it to the shop that did the work. Most reputable shops guarantee their work for a period of time after a repad or an ovehaul. Would it be possible to send it to them by UPS so you don't have the inconvenience of missing work? You can buy a bulb socket and (stiff) lamp cord at a place like Radio Shack. This along with a lantern battery or 6 volt transformer makes a quick and easy leak light. If you go this route to check the bari yourself, remove the low Eb key to insert the leak light to check the main body of the sax. Since it is a Martin there is a possibility that there may be a leak or leaks where the toneholes are soldered onto the body. Sometimes these are hard to detect, even with a strong light. A darkened room often helps in this case. Good luck. Hope you find and solve your problem. John

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