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by Donna
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20 years ago

information on a conn 1949 sax

New to the board, can anyone help me. I need some information on a conn sax made in the 1940 to 1949. Is there a conn sax with sterling silver keys and has a adjustable toner. If so, want would a mint one goes for.

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  1. by sax_maniac
    (984 posts)

    20 years ago

    Re: information on a conn 1949 sax

    I'm not a formal appraiser, but you can send me an email with the serial number and a description of the engravings. Does it have rolled tone holes, etc. Take a series of digital pictures and close-ups if you can showing the various signs of wear and email them to me (check my profile for my email address). With this, I might be able to tell you whether the horn is worth $200 or $5000.

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