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by texastenor
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18 years ago

Another bent neck

The neck of my chuberry tenor is somehow spoiled. You canĀ“t see any big damage, but with this neck the horn is a little flat in the lower register and sharp in the upper register. probably its too wide or too narrow at certain areas. The Horn is fine with another Original Conn neck i tried. Is there any expert in the world who can repair the neck , or does anybody know about an spare original neck?

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    18 years ago

    Re: Another bent neck

    Are you using a small chambered or highly baffled mouthpiece? I noticed on my old 10M that it ran sharp unless I used a large chambered mouthpiece. I suppose a different neck might solve the problem, but you might want to try a different mouthpiece if you really want to use the neck.

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