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Dear Saxophonist, Please beware of an emailer going by "[email protected]". He has offered to buy my horn off the trading post. His emails seemed rather strange so I searched his email address on the web. I discovered that he has attempted to scam others. His scam is to send you a bogus cashiers check for a substantial amount over the cost of what he is buying. Then he asks you to send him the remaining amount along with the product.

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  1. by spida
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    20 years ago

    Re: Scammers

    also, to let you know if the bank cheques are from StGeorge don't accept ones that have the printed signature of Ed O'neill, who died four years ago. They may have fairly suspicious-looking perforations on the left-hand side. Also, for those of you with eagle eyes (and if you're accepting large cheques from strangers I suggest you inspect a cheque carefully) there is usually a reddishness in the typing that should be black. Compare to a printed letter (a bill for example) and it will stand out a mile. Other things to look for are damaged/missing MICR lines - the numbers on the bottom of the cheque (NONE should be handwritten), and security measures such as microprinting which may or may not be present on the signature line and watermarks. These usually are pretty fakeproof. Btw, please make sure they spell your name exactly right, using the name on your keycard for example. Finally, when you have your bonafide cheque, cross out 'or bearer' unless you want anybody to be able to put it in their account if it's lost. But please don't let me scare you, just keep an eye out ;)

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