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by Athorious
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10 years ago

Nivello De Luxe


My friend is offering to sell this old Tenor Saxophone to me that no-one seems to know anything about. Now I really want to buy this thing, but it needs a complete overhaul.

It says Nivello de Luxe on it, serial number is 6092.

Also has the signature  IMP  engraved on it.

Now i'm wondering, my friend ask 10.000SEK for it (translates roughly into 1500 USD)

The overhaul is going to cost the same.

I'm wondering if its worth it?? Or should I ask him to back down a bit?

I like the idéa of preserving an old unkown saxophone, but still...

Also, if anyone here have any information about it that would be great!



Regards // Tommy

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  1. by GFC
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    10 years ago

    Re: Nivello De Luxe

    This does not look like a good deal.  For starters, I suspect that it is a c-melody and not a tenor because it has a microtuner neck.  The length of a tenor from the top of the body tube to the bottom of the bow should be close to 30 inches (about 75 cm).  If it's closer to 25 inches, it is a c-melody.  A c-melody in need of an overhaul isn't worth very much money.  

    That horn looks like a product of the Elkhart Band Instrument Company, which was a joint venture of Conn and Buescher in the mid to late 1920s.  Those horns commonly had a combination of Conn and Buescher features.  Its Conn-like features are the rolled toneholes and the microtuner neck.  The keyguards, LH cluster, and neck and bow reinforcements are Buescher-like features.  The Elkhart Company produced "stencil" horns that were sold under the brands of merchandisers as budget horns.  This one appears to have been made as a "deluxe" stencil because of the rolled toneholes and microtuner neck.  The finish and engraving are a little fancier than you see on most stencils too.  

    The value of the horn is in all likelihood less than 500 USD in good condition.  On the plus side, the overall condition of the horn looks pretty good so repair costs might be reasonable for a horn of that value.  


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    1. by Athorious
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      10 years ago

      Re: Nivello De Luxe

      Thanks for the reply!

      It's always intresting to know where it may have come from.


      For you intrest I can confirm that it is 76cm long.

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      1. by CultureOfOne
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        3 years ago

        Re: Nivello De Luxe

        I happened upon this post while trying to identify a tenor micro tuner neck I spotted on eBay. I know this is several years old now, and too late to be of use to the OP, but for the sake of reference: I suspect this saxophone is a Keilwerth stencil; it bears a striking resemblance to a Keilwerth DeLuxe or Model 1, based on photos available through saxpics.  The keywork and micro tuner neck are virtually identical. And yes, it is a tenor, not a C-melody.

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