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by canpafe
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19 years ago

Distances Within Me

I'm just looking for some discussion on this piece. Analysis? Affect? Purpose? Meaning? Wha'da y'all think?

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  1. by PsuSax
    (25 posts)

    19 years ago

    Re: Distances Within Me

    That's a huge question. I'm working on Distances Within Me as well for my senior recital and have been dealing with same questions. My friend Erik just finished his masters thesis in music theory on analyzing and rewriting this piece. Basically every question you just asked has a different answer for every person that you ask it to. After reading through his thesis as well as his notes from when he interviewed Lennon, I got the distinct impression that the piece should be played in a manner which most directly reflects the thoughts and feelings of the performer. To discover these thoughts and feelings you have to ask yourself, not other people what the piece means, Hence the title, Distances Within ME. Not you, not her, not him, or anything else. It's Distances Within Me because he want the piece to be a very personal expression and all he has provided is a musical framework for you as an individual to say what YOU think the piece means. I hope this helps! Andrew

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    1. by phathorn
      (165 posts)

      19 years ago

      Re: Distances Within Me

      I found it's meaning to be a pain in the butt=) U of Memphis has a great recording of Sinta playing Distances, Albright Sonata, and Littuth from Feb, 1990. Lulloff always said Distances was taken from Harlem Nocturne=)

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