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by Stevie
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19 years ago

How do I tune to a guitar

Hi. I am just learning Sax (Alto). I also play guitar with some friends. Can someone tell me the process of getting in tune with a guitar(or any instrument for that matter) tuned to standard tuning I understand that when I play a C on the Sax the sound is some other note, so do I have to transpose the my C to the guitars C or what do I do. I have to say I`m a bit confused. Smashing instrument though!!! Many thanks steve Southern England

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  1. by altosax
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    19 years ago

    Re: How do I tune to a guitar

    Hi steve, the alto sax is in Eb, and a guitar is in C (cocert key), so when you play C it sounds Eb on the guitar.

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    1. by connsaxman_jim
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      19 years ago

      Re: How do I tune to a guitar

      I play a lot of blues and classic rock, so I play with guitars often. Being that the alto is in the key of Eb, you need to transpose to whatever key they are playing in. Just subtract 3 steps. If they're in C, you're in A. Here maybe this will help. Alto=Guitar A=C Bb=C# B=D C=Eb C#=E D=F Eb=F# E=G F=Ab F#=A G=Bb Some of these fingerings take practice. Our band does a lot of songs in A, G, and E. Those keys are well suited to guitar and vocals. Good luck!

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