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by Icy Sax
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21 years ago

Hello from the Great White North

Hi everyone! I found this website and saw some great responses, so hopefully I'll get able to get some questions answered. I'm a sophomore in university studying ... music, of course. As a result, I am VERY POOR and depressed when I look at all the great saxes on this site that I can't afford. Currently, I play a Kreisler alto. It's a good horn for my purposes now and the price was right. The sound is nice and dark and fits my classical style. I'm debating now whether to get myself a new alto or go for a tenor. We'll see what the budget allows, I suppose. So ... I guess this is hello to everyone. Hope to get to know you all!

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  1. by SaxMan
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    21 years ago

    Re: Hello from the Great White North

    If you are playing classical, Alto regardless of the price, tenor very rarely ever has anything good for legit music. If you cant afford one right away, wait until you have enough. A 65 mark VI would be a fairly decent legit sax, and it wil only run you about 3500 or so, depending on where you get it from and the condition. Or a series II, not quite as good as the III, less versatile, but of you play classic, you wont need that versatility, not as nice of a keyboard either. should only run you about 2800 with warrantee. and about the cheapest sax that I could recomend for legit would be the SML, they would probably be in not too good condition, but pads can be replaced for about 150 bucks and a complete over haul for about 300. Some of these may be expensive, for instance the one at world wide sax, but if you find one off ebay, should be cheap.

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