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by AngeCon74
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6 years ago

I need some help with my Paris S.M.L Alto Sax

I have a Paris S.M.L  Alto Sax and the serial number is 6341. I read that that Serial number is from 1946.
It's not in perfect shape. The pads are in excellent condition etc. It plays well last time I played it a few years ago.
What I want to know is...
1. Is it worth anything?
2. Who might want to buy it in the condition it is in?
3. Should I sell/give it to a museum?

I don't know anything about it's history. It was given to me years ago when I was in my late 20's. (I'm in my 40's now)
I will add pictures to help...

I appreciate any information/help you all can give me. :)

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    6 years ago

    Re: I need some help with my Paris S.M.L Alto Sax


    All your research answers are pretty much on this site.

    If you throw it on Ebay, the world that is looking for them will see it.

    There are lots of guys that buy old horns, refurbish them, sell them for a profit, or

    keep them for their own enjoyment. I myself am the enjoy them myself kind.

    500 bucks is a pretty standard starting price for such a horn, unless it is exactly what the buyer is looking for.

    Again, there is Ebay, where everybody looks.

    Good Luck

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