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by StrattonSax
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6 years ago

Info on Mark VI saxophones.

Hey everyone! I'm new here and I just have a curious question:

You know how you can break down a vehicle's VIN number and find out where it's made? I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to find out exact information (location, date, etc.) for both of my Mark VI tenors based on serial numbers. I know I can find the year. I was looking for more info than that though. 

May sound ridiculous but I was just curious. 

Thank everyone!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    6 years ago

    Re: Info on Mark VI saxophones.

    All Mark VI were made in Paris France.

    Those that came to the US market were shipped to Eklhart for engraving.

    Some were then sent out of NY after the engraving at Elkhart. A non engraved horn simply remains a mystery.

    Those that stayed in Europe were engraved in Paris.

    The engraving should tell you the story. The French engraving is different from the US engraving. The US engraving is much nicer and less "stencil" like.

    Some of the master engravers from Conn did night work for Selmer, doing their engravings.

    Other than that, any additional info I myself would consider unnecessary.

    But, I have been told, the numbers under the engraving tell something about their travels to a final destination for sale. Whatever, I find this info worthless. Id rather concentrate on practicing.

    (But, I work for a man that has millions of dollars worth of cars in a car collection that dont get driven, so I guess I just dont get the attraction to the info)

    Enjoy the horns. They are simply tools to make music.

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