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19 years ago

Woodwind Synthesizers: Akai EWI v. Yamaha MX5, etc.

Hello to all. I just signed up on saxquest. My immediate motive is to get guidance on purchasing a woodwind midi driver and related equipment. I'm a jazz alto player and haven't tried any wind midi driver. I'm considering the EWI and Yamahas MX5,MX7, and MX11. I know next to nothing about any of them, except that Brecker (my hero) used (still uses?) the EWI. Why would I want Akai instead of the Yamaha, or vice versa? If Akai is better, should I try to find an original 1000, or should I buy a new 3020. What additional equipment should I get (my goal would be to have a self-sufficient set up I could take to gig without relying on a PA, but to be able to use one if it's there). Is there anywhere in NYC or DC where I could try out any of them before buying them? Once I decide to buy, any suggestions about where to buy? Any other related advice and wisdom would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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