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6 years ago

Music is Acoustic Expression but Vice Versa, Not Really

So Back in 1980 I packed my tenor and headed off to the Grey Hound station and huffed off to music school. I was so Excited about the Field of Music. The Marsalis Brothers were my mentors and I was an average player, better than most, but laughed at by the true players.

Now 38 years later, I'm in an office making a good day job salary. I still have this strong musical ear. I Play often. Listen to the greats whever I can. Mostly in my car or while I am refurbishing a horn in my back room shop.

But during the day, Its Acoustic Expression that fills my ear. Unfortunately it is also the "ear worm" that often haunts my sleep. Instead of Coletrane its Bieber. Sound effects making a beat. No musicians, just electronic sounds. A bad singer, a man who sounds like his set has not dropped yet, or simply someone rapping or speaking poetry. Not Music, Acoustic Expression.



So it is obvious that Music is Acoustic Expression, but Acoustic Expression is not necessarily music. Why not simply call the  Music awards the  Acustic Expression Awards.

It would definitey level the playing field. It would explain why individuuals with no musical talent are gaining the wealth in life while the musicians are finding day jobs.

Really, Do any of you thing Beyonce is better with her husband expressing himself along side her musical talent?


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  1. by GFC
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    6 years ago

    Re: Music is Acoustic Expression but Vice Versa, Not Really

    IMO calling the product that the commercial music industry places in the public ambience "expression" is giving it too much credit.  Its form is determined by producers and marketers.  The Biebers of the world rely on interchangeable and recombinable stock devices that align with what producers and marketers think will sell.  I propose "Acoustic Product" as the most accurate term for what you're hearing.

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