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by spacelunar
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6 years ago

Bundy Selmer Tenor Sax serial 755953

I found a tenor sax for sale in a store for $289. The saxophone is a tenor sax and the serial neumber is 755953. I do not know which model of saxophone it is or how much they are generally worth. The sax looked in good condition and could play. Would it be worth buying?

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  1. by bjroosevelt
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    6 years ago

    Re: Bundy Selmer Tenor Sax serial 755953

    Late 70’s Bundy.  

    ......well like where else are you going to find a tenor sax for $289?  Just make sure it plays Well enough for you.  The Bundy’s don’t have a lot resale value.....which is irrelevant if you keep the horn for a decade.

    However, if you find you need to make a significant repair - or overhaul - you are probably looking at $300 - $ if it needs a repair, you might find it cheaper to buy something in better shape that costs a bit more.  

    When I was going to school in the late 70s, Bundy made the instruments for at least half of our band.


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