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6 years ago

Late 1800's Ferdinando Roth Alto Sax

Could some one please help me find out more information about this sax, how old, rare and valuable it can be in the market for collectors? It's in excellent condition.

I could find only this information about Ferdinando Roth:

he label on the garland reads "Premiata Fabbrica / Ferdo. Roth Milano."  Roth was born in Adorf, Germany in 1815 and died in Milan, Italy in 1898.  He worked first for Pelitti, and later as a foreman in Prague and Vienna.  The establishement of his Premiata Fabbrica in Milan is given variously as 1838, and 1842.  Roth instruments were exhibited in Florence (1861), Santiago (1875),  Milan (1881, 45 brass instruments, and 1894).  An 1878 city directory lists the address at vis S. Giovanni in Conca 9, Milano. In 1892 a one-page catalogue was issued, "Premiata fabbrica d'instrumenti musicali in ottone e legno Ferdinando Roth."   In 1894 he advertised as a specialist in saxophones and claimed to be the original supplier of Aida trumpets made according to Verdi's instructions.  In 1894, blind and in his eighties, he put his son-in-law, Antonio Bottali, in charge and on his death in 1898 the firm became Roth & Bottali.

Ferdinando Roth invented the Rothphone:

he is very well mentioned in this research, as the probably the most important sax maker of his time in italy:


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