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by Amandita5
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6 years ago

Should I buy this "Selmer" Alto Sax ?

Hey all, new here and know nothing about saxaphones!  But my 10 yr old wants to join band.  I found a *new* selmer, alto sax thru an online marketplace for sale, asking $450.  When I asked to be sent a picture of the serial # the seller (who says he's a retired band instructor) said he'd have to look but thought that serial #'s were something of the past and that he didn't think the new one's had them. For $450  I'm might risk it, since that's less than 4 months rental fee from the school.  Nonetheless, does this sound legit? Thank you for any info!

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  1. by mijderf
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    6 years ago

    Re: Should I buy this "Selmer" Alto Sax ?

    Some more information would help.  What is the model name of the alto?  Maybe copy the link and post it so others can check it out.  Be careful, there are a lot of fake Selmers on line nowadays.  The comment about no serial number doesn't sound right.

    That price sounds awfully low, so caution should be exercised.  I know that every young child wants a shiny new horn, but it is generally not a great value, expecially in student horns.  A new horn will depreciate about 50% almost immediately.  You would probably do better to find a good used horn like a Yamaha YAS 23.  They are well made, and if your child loses interest, they can often be resold with little or no loss.  But they aren't shiny new.  

    Final comment, $450 shouldn't be less than 4 months rent.  You can find better rental deals than that! 

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