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by Beneke
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6 years ago

Selmer Traypak Case

I bought a Selmer Paris 1972 Mark VI about 3 weeks ago and I aboslutely love it. The icing on the cake was that it came in the original case with some modifications made by the original owner, including pockets on the front of the case and wheels so it can roll. However, the case could use some touching up on the leather, the interior fabric, and the snap fastener that usually holds the clarenet but is now where I keep my reeds and neckstrap. Is anyone able to help give advise on how to repair the case without causing too much damage and if anyone can give me facts on the fastener size and who can usually repair it. I hear that sometimes shoe repair places and carpeteners can do the work on it. If anyone can give advice to a new owner of a original Mark VI case, I would appreciate it. I am buying a new travel case for it, but I want to repair the original. I would deeply appreciate it if any veteran vintage saxophone owners would respond and help a greene out. Thanks for anyone who can stop by to help! 

P.S. Images can be available upon request

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    6 years ago

    Re: Selmer Traypak Case

    I do a bit of refurbishing, and cleaning up and stablizing the cases is always part of it.

    Carpet spray cleaner/auto interior cleaner works well on saxophone cases. Use a soft brush to brush it in and let it dry completely. Then vaccuum it out. On a wooden case, I use Elmers interior/exterior wood glue.

    Yes, a local shoe repair/luggage repair shop can usually match up the snaps and to that sort of work for you. Saddle Reapir, horse saddles, may also be an outlet.


    Finally, my 1964 Mark VI tenor (used in 1980)came with a beat up original tri-pak case. I was able to check around to the vintage saxophone sites, about 10 years ago, and looked for the same exact case. I found it at USA horn and paid 200 bucks to receive a wonderful nearly perfect original time frame case, exactly like the one my horn came in.


    Good Luck

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