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6 years ago

The Exacting Art of Saxophone Repair

Here is a fascinating article from today's New York Times on one of the city's most revered master saxophone repairmen.

The Exacting Art of Saxophone Repair

"Perry Ritter’s tiny saxophone repair shop in Midtown Manhattan is as much a visual flight of fancy as a jazz solo is an auditory one."


"Mr. Ritter, 59, has been repairing saxophones in Midtown for more than 40 years and is the go-to technician for some of the biggest jazz players in New York."


"Mr. Ritter can recount endless stories about legendary jazz saxophonists whose horns he has repaired. Ask him about the estimable teeth marks gouged by Sonny Rollins into his mouthpiece after endless hours of intense practice.

Or the time he fixed Pharoah Sanders’s chipped mouthpiece and Mr. Sanders doubled Mr. Ritter’s $150 fee for the work."

Read the rest at the link.


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