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Hallo all, My name is Arie from Holland (Europe). I found this forum by searching for a King Zephyr Special Tenor. I'm graphic designer by profession and saxplayer by semi-profession/payed hobby. I started playing in 1987 at the age of 33 at a musicschool nearby. So far I played in a Rock and roll band, a Funkband, a R&B band (Bluesbrothers/Al green etc) a Jazz Big Band and for many years I was part of a Cuban Band (12-15 members, great music!). These were all amateurband connected to a music-college. At the moment I play in a 70's Rock Coverband, semi-professional (that's when you get paid just enough to cover the costs of gas , food and beer :>) I started playing on some obscure Chinese rental sax, but bought my own tenor within 3 months. The first one was a Pan American (vintage) which I traded in after a couple of years for a Selmer Super Action II(secondhand). ILater I also owned a Selmer Bundy alto, which I than traded in on my King Zephyr 1936 Tenor (my hands are to big for a alto). 2 years ago I sold the Selmer which I hardly played anymore and kept the King, and that was not a bad choice. The King has got a great sound which I love more everyday. My first mouthpiece on the Pan American was a Selmer*, when I played the Selmer I switched to Otto Link for a bigger sound. The last 10 years I play a Ponzol M1 Gold plated. It's tiny compared to the Otto Link and plays very open. In Holland there is some choice in vintage saxophones. I got my instruments through Matthews Music in Edam (near Amsterdam). It's an American guy who lives and works in Holland for many decades. But the vintage instruments are becoming very expensive and scarce here. You have to pay top prices to have a decent one. And I love to play before buying so e-bay is not always an option.. I learned that you need a good teacher to help you through the difficult times at practice. And that it's not a bad thing to have a new teacher after a couple of years. Every new teacher can give you new inspiration. Hope to collect some good ideas at this forum, Kind regards, Arie from Holland.

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  1. by saxismyaxe
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    Re: Introducing

    Greetings Arie, I don't visit here as often as I used to, but wanted to say hello and welcome. I collect many vintage horns, and share your love of Kings. You have a wonderful horn, and I am of the opinion that the Ponzol is a good match for your horn. Kings are very powerful and full sounding by nature, so a Large bore MP isn't quite as crucial to get the most out of it as some vintage horns. Cheers. Mike.

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