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5 years ago

CG Conn Ltd - HV Jacobson - Elkhart, IND PATD DEC 8 1914 - HELP

I have a CG Conn Ltd. - H.V. Jacobson - Elkhart, IND.
PATD DEC. 8 1914

In original case with green interior

any info please or value please help....can send pictures if needed

It was left to me in my fathers estate.....I know it was my Great Grandfathers, it had beautiful floral engravings...If anyone can help me on a value that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you so much, Sarah

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: CG Conn Ltd - HV Jacobson - Elkhart, IND PATD DEC 8 1914 - HELP

    I have no idea what H.V Jacobson would be, but it may be an after market addition to the normal engraving.


    From around 1921.

    Conn C Melody. Rolled Tones Holes

    Tunable straight neck....

    Front high F key


    If it does not have this, it is a less in demand stencil


    I pick these up for under 200 bucks usually.

    The older versions, which this is, are not in much demand.

    After a 500 to 700 dollar refurbishing, depends on what is moving and what is fused in place, you would get 450 to 775 for it.

    Pictures would tell if it was silver plated, gold plated, raw brass, nickel chrome, or a highly engraved virtuoso model.

    So, if you need more specific info send some pictures.

    Good Luck

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