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by mgictwnger
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5 years ago

What kind of soprano did Bechet play?

I wonder about this because I play a 1926 Tru Tone Buescher with the "typewriter key" G#, which appears in photos to be what close to what Bechet had.
I know that his first sop was a beater he picked up in a pawn shop which he discarded due to poor intonation. He eventually bought a new horn in London. Was this the Buescher with perhaps the modern G# key? 
Whatever it was, he sure played the hell out of it!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: What kind of soprano did Bechet play?

    I agree with you. It definitely looks like a buescher in any pics I have seen.

    Black rollers not white. Engraving is very Buescher looking. Round pearl G#. seen in the earlier Bueschers.

     I am not sure when the snap in resonators started with Buescher, but his does not have them. Pictures with white pads had simple rivet pads on the lower keys.

    But I do not know for sure.

    It may be a european maker since he spent a lot of time there.

    Not like it matters.

    Remember that

    Good Luck

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