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Hi all thanks for add, I am helping my dad get his house ready to market so he is getting rid of a bunch of stuff. One thing is an old saxophone by Martin. I can't make out model name. Its ends in craft but 1st half of word is hard to make out script. I'm assuming Handcraft but to me doesn't look like hand . anyways I can have and would like to restore .My daughter's boyfriend is a Mummers and I would let him use .que quest is does this model have enough value to warrant restoration or no? Dad say its a C sax and has had for over 45 years. Thanks for help. 

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  1. by Saxquest
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    Re: Identify

    Yes, this is a Martin Handcraft c-melody saxophone. Unfortunately, very few people use c-saxophones today as most players are on alto or tenor sax. Sadly, this means there are lots of them out there and not many people looking to buy. The old laws of supply and demand make this a fairly difficult saxophone to get any more than about $50-$100 for. The cost of a restoration will run between $500-$1000 depending on who you use and extent of work you choose to put into it. Thus, if you choose to restore it, it will be a labor of love as you'll never recoupe that invenstment if you choose to sell later down the road.

    The sax is old and dates to the late teens-1920's. If you have the serial number that would date it more precisely. You can use the serial number guide on this web site to check the date. The keywork is antiquated and it doesn't have a front F. Best of Luck! 

         Mark Overton 

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