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by Candyboy
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5 years ago

Stupid Question about my spatula keys

Why does my new chinese C-mel have all these tabs to engage the G#? I love this new horn but it needs some ergonomic adjustment. There is just too much spring pressure when playing low B or Bb. I am used to playing C# with the heel of my left hand then hitting the low B or Bb with my pinky. the way it is now it is almost impossible to play a chromatic scale down and up with these keys.
I have already brazzed a 1951 penny to the octave key to make it work. I'll send a picture later about that. 
I am into making my horn work for me. 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: Stupid Question about my spatula keys

    That is Hilarious.

    It just has what is current day keywork/fingerings.

    All lower pinkey activate G#.

    I have never attempted one of the Chinese POS C melodies. I always wanted too, but realized ahead of it I'd end up disgruntled like yourself. I am sort of obsessed with the Conn C melody, so I know what you want. Stick with the Conn straight neck. They are both plentiful and wonderful.

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