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by willb41
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5 years ago

Maestro Baritone Saxophone Information

Hey all. I was looking at a Maestro Baritone Saxophone at a local shop. I was trying to find any information about these online but not having much luck. Can anyone give me any information on this? Wondering what they might have sold for in the past or what might be worth. Seemed like it played ok. But I have never owned a Baritone Saxophone. Super thankful for any information and insight others might have. I'll attached photos below

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: Maestro Baritone Saxophone Information

    As I am also diligently looking for a Bari, this is my observance.

    It seems to be at a music store. If they have no information to give you, how can

    they come upon a price to charge you?

    It looks aweful new to not have any damage at all.

    Does it play in tune? Do you like how it plays? "Played OK" is not very,  Oh, I gotta have it.

    I would be inclined to think it is an Asian manufacture. That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Most instruments ae made in Asia now. The best are not.

    Does it feel cheap in the hands?

    I would probably choose a somewhat banged up Yamaha YBS-52 intermediate but nice horn over one that you cant find any information on. Get something that when you either decide you really like playing the Baritone and want to get a better horn, or you decide it is not for you, you have a horn that has retained some real value.


     I have about 5 Baris on my mind. I have never owned one and I have only played a few. i am an over 50 tenor player with years of experience playing.What I think I want and what others tell me I should get based on what I am going to use it for are conflicting. I will end up getting what I want, because the sound I project is mine. nobody elses.

    Unless its priced low, its not going anywhere fast. Keep interested and see if the price drops. They need to pay the electric bill, so it is for sale.

    And as the attached pic shows, even Prince could have a new Bari all Glitz and Flash!!


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