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by Maddyjohn
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5 years ago

If you want to buy a saxophone.

Hey everyone,They are the cheapest and easiest on your lungs.


Most reliable and most expensive - Rent-to-own program from your local music store. Get a used horn. They won't sell you anything terrible. Pricing = Approx. $18-30 a month for two years.


Less reliable and reasonably priced - Craigslist. You'll definitely want to have a sax-playing friend searching for horns and trying out the horns for you. Approx. - $250-300


Cheapest, least reliable - Not-so-legit Pawnshops and Fleamarkets. Will need a knowledgeable saxman with you. Approx. $200


As a saxophone player, ~70% of how good you sound is your own ability. 20% your mouthpiece. 5% your horn. 5% your reed. A good saxophone is a saxophone that works. An expensive saxophone won't necessarily make your tone sound better, it will just more reliably be in tune/in working order and will be made more ergonomically efficient. 

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  1. by mijderf
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    5 years ago

    Re: If you want to buy a saxophone.

    I disagree strongly with many of your statements.  

    1.  Renting is a poor financial proposition.  In 2 years you have spent $200 or more and do not have your own horn. And don’t be fooled by rent to own, because the final price is likely to be above the going rate for the horn. 

    2.  In options 2 and 3 you fail to mention that many (if not most) horns purchased this way will require any where from $100 to $500 in service costs to get the horn to play well.

    3.  When it comes to tone, the actual horn is generally considered to be the least important, and the reed rating you have is very low.  I think the order is player, mouthpiece, reed, neck and finally horn. .

    To to get a good horn and a good price follow some of the sale ads on leading saxophone forums or check out some of the professionals who fix up good basic horns that will not require additional service right after the purchase.  Another good source is a private saxophone instructor. 

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