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by elysse77
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5 years ago

I have a Dilemma!

I've been playing Alto sax since 6th grade and I got the chance to play Baritone sax in 8th grade, I've always loved the instrument and I was beyond excited to try it out. After I switched, I had a big regret. The concert music was very boring, this was quite annoying as I love the instrument. I also love the Alto. I really wanted to play the Baritone for SATB quartets but if I switch back, I won't be able to play Baritone in the quartets. Should I stick with Alto, or keep the baritone?

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  1. by mijderf
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    5 years ago

    Re: I have a Dilemma!

    It seems to me that you are asking others for their opinion.  But frankly, the only opinion that matters is yours.  Your statement that "after I switched, I had a big regret" is pretty telling.  If you really enjoy the bari (and I assume that it is a school owned bari that you may lose access to if you choose alto), you can always look into buying a bari and taking lessons on your own.

    This is a very personal decision, I hope you make the right one.  Good luck! 

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