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by saxjunkie89
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17 years ago

Martin Sax

I posted this in vintage but didn't get anything yet. I got a Martin Alto (1936 serial # 104650) yesterday and found two things, octave key problems and G# key problems (SEE VINTAGE SAX FOR DETAILS) For the G# key, I was thinking about putting something connecting the F and E keys to the weird G# key, but I'll consult my local tech./ private teacher about that. As for the octave key, I don't know what to do. I see what's going on that it's not working, but have no way to fix it.

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    17 years ago

    Re: Martin Sax

    I just responded to your other post in the Vintage area. Don't go from the F and E to the "weird G#" button. Go from the tone hole cover above the F key to the G# tone hole cover. What is it that is not working? Is a screw or spring missing?

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