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by SaxDad20
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4 years ago

King Voll True II Baritone


I'm looking at a King Voll True II Bari. New pads in 2017. Made approx 1932. Seller says it plays well throughout range.  Is it worth a $1000?  Is it a good practice horn for a HS player?


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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: King Voll True II Baritone

    I have a King Bari I recently picked up from the estate of a deceased friend and it is from 1942ish I think.

    There were a lot of changes going on with the King Bari, so be prewarned.


    Here are a few things:

    Does it have a removable neck? The Voltrue I did not.

    If it has a removeable neck, is it a double socket neck?

    If you look at the examples here in the museum, you will find no Voltrue II Baritone examples, but you can get a feel of what to look for.

    Is it keyed to high F or just E flat.

    Does it have a front F key.

    In other words, it may be worth 1000, but the vintage King Baris were somewhat primitive till the Zephyr II model.

     My model is serial numbered as a Zephyr I, but it has engraving that simply says

    Made by King.So, it is not engraved a s a zephyr, but it is a Zephyr.

    Mine has a double socket neck. It does not have a front F.

    The bell keys are on opposite sides. It has a 3 hole neckstrap hook, so you can decide which works best for the player.


    Good Luck

    Good Luck

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  2. by katenelson
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    4 years ago

    Re: King Voll True II Baritone

    if it plays and does what you want it to do its a good horn.

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