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by Ceederdak
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3 years ago

Found timeless and vintage

Hi, I have recently acquired a very old looking saxophone and upon further investigation determined to most definitely be a King Lyon and Healey low key 'C'. Sorry if I explained that wrong it is hard to remember everything I was told about it the gentleman was very knowledgeable about Lyon and Healey saxophones down to saudering and pitched up hole toppers. Still a few details that couldn't quite be explained as in why just say Chicago instead of made in Chicago in the etched inlay and if this particular saxophone was owned by possibly a late and great musician from the 1920s. Its a very interesting price and of course the value of it can stem from a very much needed restoration but every piece is intact with a few extra irregular notes for a low key 'C'. I picked it up with a few other musical instruments off an app and it still shined more than the others being as vintage with 100 years. I would like to sell this piece only because I wouldn't be able to afford the restoration but it could most definitely stay as it is. But if the right person for this particular instrument is out there contact me if you are interested. If there is any more history on it I would definitely love to hear more as well. So far have been the conversational starting subject for me on the week and ust could not want to not ask more questions and ponder its past. It does have matching serial numbers on neck and base which are 48520. I have learned a lot but still very little and know that this sax could be better suited with a person who knows the history and appreciates it as such also. This very well could be a vey valuable item but as the lowest standards go could be worth as low as 150 but I want to ask 400 for now with as much as still out there to discover about it and would also be very helpful and a blessing for my family during these times. Thank you and I hope to hear from anyone interested in it and even just a conversation as well.

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