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by jamieojd
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3 years ago

Identify my saxophone

I have an old Frank Holton saxophone that my father-in-law told us was a C Melody.  Engraved on the bell is:  Made by Frank Holton & Co. Elkhorn WIS.  On the back it is stamped in three lines as follows: Line one = C, line 2 = 7612, line 3= LP.  It is silver in color, the silver being somewhat oxicized which makes me think it is nickel plated, (I am a former Model A Ford enthusiast and their brightwork was nickel plated and therefore frequently oxidized like this horn is.)  It has been stored in the original case, hasn't been played for perhaps 100 years. My father in law was born in 1910.  We think he played it in a town band when he was perhaps a teenager.  He was not a lifetime player so it's been unused since his boyhood years, we reckon.  Can anyone tell me: 1. when was the horn manufactured, 2. was it a good instrument for its day? 3. it certainly appears to be in resotrable condition, so is it at all valuable and/or worth resotration?  I have a niece who is a professional flautist and woodwinds public school teacher.  She might enjoy having it if it is an oddity or a semi valuable ax but I'd like for it to be playable for her.  I'd appreciate any info anyone can provide. 

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  1. by JonHuff
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    3 years ago

    Re: Identify my saxophone

    It's an early 1920's horn, maybe '21 or '22, something like that. While popular at the time, no one makes or plays C Melody saxes anymore, and as such, it really doesn't hold much value. In as-is condition, it might fetch $100 or so on ebay, but definitely not worth putting money into to restore.

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