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2 years ago

Borg alto saxophone

Hi there, this is for an adult who will be a new player but plays other instruments. We have a Borg alto sax that needs $275 in repairs (New Pads, bent). from my research it is not a high quality instrument so not sure it's worth putting that kind of money in it. 

Alternatively, I found a Conn L75923 for about the same price as the repairs on the Borg. It has one loose pad but that would be the only necessary repair. Research seems to say the Conn is a better instrument. 

This is a gift. I have no experience and am just going off the research I have done. Is the Conn a good option for a beginner? Is it too old (even though one owner and really good condition)?  Is the price point for the Conn about right? Any advantage to doing repairs on the Borg instead? Thanks for any wisdom you can offer.

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