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by dsr
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2 years ago

Conn 6 m

I'm a new retiree looking to downsize. Found my old 1972 Conn alto 6m serial number C26554. I played in high school and college. Horn in nice shape. Any idea of its value? Read where this may be a Nogales horn and BAD?? Thanks for your assistance. 

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  1. by Ghostler
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    1 year ago

    Re: Conn 6 m

    I'm retired too, so we are both in the same company. ;) Here is an article on your make and model of sax by a repair shop:

    It has this to say, "But if there's one vintage horn I'd be happy to own and play as my main instrument, the Conn 6M alto would be it. This horn breaks right across the vintage/modern boundary - not so much because of its production run (approx. 1934-69) but because of the combination of its (at the time) revolutionary keywork and the flexibility of its tone."

    He also states caveates and things to watch out for with your model, but I believe he is doing that to point out to someone who is seeing it for the first time, to know whether as a used buy it would be a good horn to buy or not.

    So, if it still plays, or if you have not chanced that yet. If you know a competent technician, you can have him go over it. Then if needed, to have it cleaned up or necessary, overhauled. If it hasn't been otherwise abused, you may have a keeper on your hands.

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