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by petelms
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2 years ago

Best saxophone for ballads...


I would like to buy a saxophone for slow romantic ballads. What would you suggest?

I'm looking for a sound like this for example:

(93) I Will Always Love You: Saxophone Cover - Tommy Proulx - YouTube

Which one would be right choice for ballads:

sopranino, soprano, alto or tenor?

Thank you!
, Pete.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (644 posts)

    2 years ago

    Re: Best saxophone for ballads...

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  2. by mijderf
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    2 years ago

    Re: Best saxophone for ballads...

    Ballads can be played on any saxophone (well maybe not sapronino lol).  The question you need to answer is what horn do you prefer to hear ballads play on.  
    When I think of sound quality, it is more dependent on a players oral cavity and embouchure, mouthpiece choice, and reed.  The actual horn generally has less influence on sound than those aforementioned factors.  
    The bad news is that you can't just go buy a horn and get the sound you want.  You have to make the sound you want through practice. 

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  3. by Ghostler
    (12 posts)

    1 year ago

    Re: Best saxophone for ballads...

    Pete, that is a rather open ended question, because all saxes can play ballads. It is mostly up to the artist whether they want to use soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, or other sax.

    What one do you feel comfortable with? And, the mouthpiece plays a big part in it too, having the one that gives the timbre you want.

    I've used all of the above to play ballads. If you are already a sax player, why not just go with what you have now? After practicing ballads for a time, then you will have a better idea of what type of sax you'd want to use in ballads.

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  4. by [email protected]
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    6 months ago

    Re: Best saxophone for ballads...

    Warm and expressive sound: Known for its sweet and lyrical tone, the alto sax is a popular choice for ballads. It allows for subtle phrasing and nuanced dynamics, ideal for conveying emotion in slower tempos.

    Classic ballad sound: Many iconic ballad recordings feature the alto sax, making it a familiar and evocative choice for listeners.

    Responsive and manageable: The smaller size and lighter keywork of the alto make it comfortable and responsive for delicate playing, suitable for intricate melodies and smooth legato lines.

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    1. by Hilpert33
      (1 post)

      3 months ago

      Re: Best saxophone for ballads...

      Ballads can be performed on any saxophone (well, maybe not the sopranino, lol). The real question is, which horn do you prefer for ballad performances?

      When considering sound quality, it's primarily influenced by a player's oral cavity, embouchure, mouthpiece choice, and reed. The specific saxophone typically has less impact on the sound compared to these factors.

      Unfortunately, you can't simply purchase a saxophone and expect to achieve your desired sound. It requires practice to create the sound you desire.

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