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by Dartor
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1 year ago

Need advice

My teen son has been playing a Bueschler True Tone alto sax serial number 105916 that was his great grandfathers and now he wants a new sax. He wants a Yamaha but there’s no way we can afford a $3,000-$4,000 instrument. A couple years ago we spent several hundred dollars repairing his current sax but he is saying that it needs more repairs. My questions are

1. Is it worth it to invest more money in this instrument?

2. If we sell it what is the approximate value?

3. What is a good affordable alto sax for under $1000?

ANY advice is appreciated, thanks for your time.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    1 year ago

    Re: Need advice

    As a person that refurbishes vintage saxophones, here is some good advice.

    The vintage horns are great if that is what you want to be playing. Your son evidently has played long enough to realize her wants an instrument with the current up to date keywork.The vintage horn,if it needs some work, is holding him back.

    You can look on Craigslist and find a nice Yamaha student horn, YAS-23, or possibly one of the step up versions, like a YAS54. THe YAS simply means Y amaha A lto S ax. A Tenor would be a YTS. The higher the number on the end specifies the closer to a pro leves, like a YAS874.

    You can find a nice Yamaha on Craigslist for under 500.
    Make sure he can playtest whatever you purchas first, so you know it is what he wants.Value of the Buescher is about the same.

    Good Luck!

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