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12 months ago

My daughter needs the money.

Hi, can anyone please help. We bought a new saxophone for my daughter in 1996 when she was 14 and she then promptly discovered boys and the sax has sat in a wardrobe unused and under appreciated ever since. Now she is living in Australia and I am de-cluttering and I would like to sell it and let her have the money. My problem is I have no idea where to start with selling it so any advice will be very welcome. We bought it from the Bath Music Centre. It and the case look in very good condition as it had very little use and it is marked 400 Made for Boosey and Hawkes, although the paper work says Model 2-432-1-0 and serial number 329647. From what I've read online it is a long way from a top of the range instrument but I'm hoping it has some value still and will find another home and my daughter has something to spend on herself. What would be a realistic selling price and best way to advertise? Also does anyone know the likely manufacturer? Thankyou, xJane.

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  1. by Ghostler
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    8 months ago

    Re: My daughter needs the money.

    I think you could take it to a music store that sells saxophones, and have them give you an idea on how much it is worth. If it was made prior to the mid 1960's, most saxes then were of at least intermediate, not beginner quality. They could also advise if any repairs are necessary. (Thus, you could deduct the cost of the repairs versus what it is worth in good condition, then judge accordingly.)

    I am unfamiliar with the B&H 400, but I have 2 B&H Edgware clarinets. In good playing condition, they go for around $400 US, certainly not a top of the line Selmer or Buffet, but is considered intermediate and a good cost effective 2nd instrument for a jazz player due to its reasonable projection over other budget instruments.

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